lewis holtby with a fan in toronto

THFC wraps up open training at @toyotapark with an on-field autograph

Marco Reus is being honored today by # 11FREUNDE in #Curiohaus #Hamburg

Marco Reus was named best player of Bundesliga season 2013/2014 by magazine @ 11Freunde

Aeroplane selfie!

lamela, eriksen, soldado and holtby

Lewis Holtby in Toronto #SpursTour

Marco Reus held the first training after injury

James Rodriguez at Santiago Bernabeau for the first time

Gareth Bale welcome James Rodriguez

Gareth Bale welcome James Rodriguez

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James Rodriguez has signed to play for Real Madrid

More photos from vacation… Marco Reus, reading newspaper

Holtby:Thank you Seattle!!!:-)))
Heeeeellllllo Toronto,CA!!!!!
From These three plonkers;-)..


Lewis Holtby makes a perfect catch of a fish thrown to him at @pike_place